Pollo en Mole

Pollo en Mole

From the Nahuatl aztec language mōlli, Mole is a complex sauce rich in flavor, which is said to have originated in a convent in the state of Puebla. In Mexico you can find many types of mole; oaxaqueno, poblano, yellow, sweet, black, etc.

With its many ingredients, Mole is not an easy sauce to make, and back at home it would be unthinkable to make it from scratch!

At KUA we decided to make our own mole, based on the Mole Poblano version. It contains chocolate, cinamon, dried chillies, tortilla, raisins, almonds, sesame seeds and many other ingredients. The recipe is of course a secret well kept!

“Solo las ollas saben los hervores de su caldo” “Only the pan knowns the flavors of its content”

– Mexican proverb

We serve it with chicken and rice, or as enmoladas with blue corn tortillas. A truly unique experience!

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